Services and Training

Services and Training

Precision Technic Defence is through our partners able to offer the best tactical training in the market. The courses and programs are customized and designed from our partners personal experiences in war zones and their experience from many of the world´s best elite military training programs.


Accuracy 1st

Accuracy 1st Development Group, Inc. is a partnership between Accuracy 1st, Prodigy Defense Group, Inc. and Prodigy Group, Inc. Each company brings the highest level of expertise in their respected fields, bringing high quality…


Desert Tech (Training)

The Desert Tech Training Facility is the largest premiere training and shooting facility in the west, located on 25,000 acres in northeastern Utah. The facility was created to provide a place for shooters and Operators from around the world to obtain…


Northern Red

Northern Red is founded by former-SOF operators who have spend majority of the life “at the tip of the spear”. Together, the two companies are offering training and services to L.E.A.F SOF units in the US and Europe. In a world growing more uncertain…

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