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Airborne System contract award

Press Release from Airborne Systems January 5, 2018:

Airborne Systems is announcing that that they have been officially awarded the contract for the Enhanced Multi-Mission Parachute System (E-MMPS) for the United States Marine Corps (USMC). The E-MMPS is equipped with an Airborne Systems proprietary Hi-5 canopy and Edge harness container, as well as an attachable military working dog harness. The E-MMPS features Airborne Systems latest STORM drogue release system. Airborne Systems will provide training services, commercial manuals, and all necessary support to ensure the succesful fielding of this new parachute system. The combination of elements in the E-MMPS is the result of several years of research and development by the Airborns Systems team and partners. This new system will replace the existing legacy MMPS currently in use.

The Hi-5 canopy is best known for its outstanding glide modulation system. The Hi-5 features a remarkable 5.5:1 glide ratio and can transition to a 1:1 glide ratio with a simple control input using the Glide Modulation System. JC Berkland, Chief Technology Officer of Airborne Systems, says “The Hi-5 offers superior glide performance with its unique patent pending Glide Modulation System. It offers stability and resistance to stall and allows for the most accurate landings.”

This is a significant win for Airborne Systems. It expands their customer base and signifies the trust in their design and ingenuity. They are constantly providing the best technology, availabe worldwide, and when that technology does not exist, they develop it themselves. Airborne Systems is thrilled not only to meet the unique and specific requirements of the USMC, but also to offer the newest technology currently available for tactical operations in the world. Airborne Systems are confident in their products and are honored to have been chosen by the USMC  for this opportunity.